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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 6:45 PM

Look at the categories at the left, yea, I got an impulse to classified this post as ‘Extraordinary’. Why, because I had done one thing that I never did in my life before. Continue the story yesterday, after E-Gate, we went to Tesco since my dad wanted to buy a pair of new sport shoes. And me, just sat myself in the corner, and started to read Malaysian Study

15032009066 I know, all of my old friends are not going to believe this, they will be like ‘Ignore him, this isn’t Jack’, they already made a conclusion about me, and the books:


‘Jack is an asshole who will never pick his books up from the rubbish bin until the day before exam.’


That’s true, beside the ‘asshole’ part. But you know, time flies, and people change. This is the 16th President of United States, Abraham Lincoln,



He abolished the slavery in United States, and hope people of United States could throw away the prejudice against the black which had been labelled as ‘IMPOSIBLE’ last time. But now

image He is the President of United States! Yes, change! So as I, after entered the college, I changed, I’m not a kid from secondary school anymore!


By the way, that just lasted for 5 minutes, well, that’s a great success for me. =D