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During The Traffic Jam

Sunday, March 1, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:07 PM

Went to eat dim sum yesterday, it wasn’t really nice but I think it’s still acceptable. There was a traffic jam when we went back, so my dad used a road or what he called ‘shortcut’ which will pass by Han Jiang. Well, it’s really a nice choice, he was like ‘What the hack? Han Jiang got class today?’ So yes, we are stuck, I guess that a picture is needed to explain the situation.


Don’t comment my picture please, what you all expected for a 2 minutes job with Paint? xDD

Grey - The road

Orange – Han Jiang

Yellow – The cars which were parked there by some brainless people.

Purple – The cars which were heading to Jalan Air Itam

Light Blue – The cars which were coming from Jalan Ait Itam.

So, as you can see ( I hope xD), we are stuck at the middle of these shits, and totally couldn’t move at all.


When all the people are horning or maybe greeting other’s mother(s), we sat in the car steadily, why? Look back to the picture, the box in pink was a stall, and I went down of the car, bought my family and myself some ice creams.


So, when others were so pissed, my family and I were enjoying our ice cream. Why were or why should they felt angry? Perhaps they were in a rush? But no matter what, they were already stuck, why don’t just listen to some music? Or maybe take a short nap? People never know how many cell they kill when they are angry.

After all of these, the main point of this post that I want to tell you all is:

The ice cream is delicious…………….



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  1. ning says:

    ice cream again...!!!

  1. ning says:

    don't sia me...=.=
    i want..