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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 5:03 PM

Cloning is the process of creating identical things which was considered as a ‘bullshit’ in the pass. In the field of technology nowadays, scientists succeeded to clone genetically-identical bacteria, plants or even animals through…. I don’t know. So, it’s possible for human cloning too!


However, human cloning is still illegal because it has not been proven to be safe and go against human rights, religions and so on. So, it only can be found in the story, like Matrix



If we don’t think about the legality of human cloning, which country do you think will be the first to implement the human cloning? Most of the people will think of some advanced countries like America, England or whatever, when I was thinking of this question, first came to my mind was: CHINA


Why?do you all remember China has the world top cloning technology? No matter how advanced an item is, China still able to clone them in a short time and put them into market with a very REASONABLE and SUPER EFFORDABLE price, that’s what Chinese says: Economical yet big piece (Kheng zhei gok dua dei)


NOKIA, the world famous mobile phone company, has some product like this





The China, comes up with a brand NOKLA

image NOKLA N95


Still not enough?

Another famous company, Apple, came up with new hand set, which combines all the functions of I-Pod, hand phone, and internet device!




Within days, the China’s representative came up with;~~~~





Cool eh~




I want a T-PHONE!

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