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Chung Ling’s Student

Thursday, March 12, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 12:58 PM

SPM result came out on this morning, so I went to the school around 1030 morning. When I reached, I saw a lot of Chung Ling students had been waiting for ages.



I guess they came at 9 and stood like a dumb in the school? When 1040, deputy headmaster came out, and said:


‘Those who get 9A’s or above stay down for photo’


Why? For the students? Or Chung Ling? When the others read the newspaper, they will say ‘wow this guy is clever!’ or ‘wow Chung Ling is a nice school!’? Of course is the second one! Ask yourself, how many A’s you got in UPSR in order to enter Chung Ling? My time was 5A’s, and now is 7A’s. They claimed that: So we can teach them better. The fact is ‘they are better educators’ or ‘we are better learners’? He continued:


‘Those in slippers and not in long pants please go back and wear it or else we won’t give you your result.’


Why??? Why others school is okay with that but Chung Ling?

12032009064 Heng Ee


Which mean that these

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people can’t get their result. If they came from Balik Pulau? If they came from Sungai Dua? Totally brainless, why they want to do so? So that their pictures in newspaper look better! Niamah~ And Chung Ling students are cowards! Most of them really went back for that.


Well, the truth is, as long as you fierce enough to the junior cowards, you will still able to get your result! Like me




Damn it Chung Ling

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