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A better way to advertise

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 8:36 PM

I have many posts about advertisement here so I guess you all know how an advertisement actually affects the people and how important it is for a organisation or company.


When the others are spending millions or even billions of money to advertise their services or products, some intelligent organisation are advertising for free! Maybe you will ask: ‘ How is this possible!’, well, I just found one lately.


Went to Itam’s market to eat Laksa there, for the Laksa, it’s quite famous, I guess all people from penang island know it.



Having a stupid location beside the drain like this

image doesn’t stop people from continue eating from there.

image If you ask about the taste, sorry, I don’t eat Laksa, I just accompanied my family there ( for the sugar cane juice xD).


Okay lets back to the title, this was what they ate, and drank.




See anything? Yes, the teaspoon there.

22032009101Who’s that? Perhaps there’re some *ahem* who don’t know the famous uncle from KFC.

image So when people are using the teaspoon in the Laksa stall, they’re actually ‘advertised’ unwittingly. Perhaps this is another way of KFC to beat McDonald to be the first in fast food industry.


Maybe one day, you might found KFC’s napkins are used in public toilet as toilet paper too =D






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