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Astro On Demand VS PPS

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:07 PM

First for all


Astro On Demand is a channel of Astro which provides Hong Kong latest TV series. And PPS, the most famous and fast buffing online TV software.

Untitled Well, both of them are providing us latest Hong Kong series, lets make a compare between them.


Movie Quality

AOD- Good (WIN)

PPS- Not so good


Day of providing

AOD- Same as Hong Kong (WIN)

PPS- 1 or 2 days later




PPS- 10-20 Seconds of advertisement for every movie



AOD- Malay (WIN) Malaysia LOL

PPS- Mandarin


Function (Pause, jump over, etc)


PPS- Yes (WIN)



AOD- Only latest Hong Kong series

PPS- less, only sport, games, stars, news, old movies, finances, music, anime,  bla bla 15000+ channel (WIN)




So it’s a 4 v 2 Astro On Demand is winning, ah hold on, I forgot one




AOD- Around RM10 per series

PPS- FREE! (WIN x 10000)

The winner is PPS,

for more information, please visit:




PPS ftw

Currently have 3 comments:

  1. ~XiAnG~ says:

    Sorry for giving my small small opinion,
    watching confortably came for the first choice of decision to me.....
    We cant deny that pps is free, but if u line not working well, it will be lag throughout the show. Additionally watching on a 42 inches LCD with sounding system is always enjoyable than 13.3 inches of laptop screen...

  1. J'z says:

    erm there will be no lag, for a suck line in Malaysia, all you need to do is press pause at the very begining and let it buff for 2minutes then you will be able to watch throghout the show =D, but it will use all you line which means that you will not able to use MSN or browser.

    Laptop and CPU can be connected to sound sounding system and 42 inches LCD nowadays too =D

    thanks for your opinion