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Astro On Demand VS PPS

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 | comments (3)

First for all


Astro On Demand is a channel of Astro which provides Hong Kong latest TV series. And PPS, the most famous and fast buffing online TV software.

Untitled Well, both of them are providing us latest Hong Kong series, lets make a compare between them.


Movie Quality

AOD- Good (WIN)

PPS- Not so good


Day of providing

AOD- Same as Hong Kong (WIN)

PPS- 1 or 2 days later




PPS- 10-20 Seconds of advertisement for every movie



AOD- Malay (WIN) Malaysia LOL

PPS- Mandarin


Function (Pause, jump over, etc)


PPS- Yes (WIN)



AOD- Only latest Hong Kong series

PPS- less, only sport, games, stars, news, old movies, finances, music, anime,  bla bla 15000+ channel (WIN)




So it’s a 4 v 2 Astro On Demand is winning, ah hold on, I forgot one




AOD- Around RM10 per series

PPS- FREE! (WIN x 10000)

The winner is PPS,

for more information, please visit:




PPS ftw

Kampung Lifestyle

Posted by Jz on Monday, March 30, 2009 | comments (4)

Kampung, this word isn’t special for every Malaysian. This word stands for village or rural area in Malay. Went back to my father hometown in Kedah for Qingming Festival, which is also called as Tomb-sweeping Day, it’s a boring festival, but yet so meaningful for me. I stayed there for 2 days, which is the reason why I didn’t blog.


Kampung life is boring, there is nothing there, all I could do was just walking around and looking at kampung’s sceneries




29032009112 But on the other hand, I feel like I’m so far from my troubles and worries in the city, I feel so stress less, no more stupid tests, no more assignments, and the others. I would like to come here again, of course, for a short stay, or else I’ll be bored to die.


Sorry, if you’re waiting for wacky or wild stuffs of me. Tomorrow maybe? LOL




Break Time!

Posted by Jz on Friday, March 27, 2009 | comments (3)

Getting bored of KFC and McDonald, so we decided to have different foods to eat. What’s fast beside KFC and McDonald? Of course, the pizza! But people were too lazy to go out? How? Call 1300-88-2525!

26032009108 All people were looking at me when I took the pizza from the front door to 4th floor. I know, there must be some guys, thought that:


‘This people think that ordering pizzas to college is cool, noob.’


Well, it’s all about ‘dare or not dare’, the grapes aren’t sour my friends =D


By the way, 3 regular pizzas were not enough!!




If T.G.I Friday has delivery service….

In Class

Posted by Jz on Thursday, March 26, 2009 | comments (4)

It’s normal to have trashtalks and gossips in class, in my class, we will do like this whenever we’re free.



Yea, stand beside the window, talk and talk, while enjoying some scenery. Some times there will be some half naked guys who’re doing nothing on the football field (seriously), and I’m waiting for half naked women LOL, sorry just kidding.


But what will some girls talk about when they’re hiding themselves behind curtains?




Talking about Fish perhaps xD

Teenagers nowadays

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 | comments (4)

My life is filled up with assignments and tests, so I went to library to prepare for my Management test tomorrow. Library, it used to be a place for studying, looking for information, or whatever.


Not to mention about what teenagers usually do in library, like talking loudly, playing games, answering the phone, fooling around, or even staring at girls. Did I say staring at girls? Yes, that’s what guys always do, they bring a book, find a seat in library, and start staring at girls. If you are sitting near to them, you could hear what they’re ‘commenting’ about the girls.


That’s still normal, but this one. There was people in library,


and they were,


[Picture is deleted due to their request.]


Please, do that privately, LOL




Gae, woohaa

A better way to advertise

Posted by Jz on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | comments (1)

I have many posts about advertisement here so I guess you all know how an advertisement actually affects the people and how important it is for a organisation or company.


When the others are spending millions or even billions of money to advertise their services or products, some intelligent organisation are advertising for free! Maybe you will ask: ‘ How is this possible!’, well, I just found one lately.


Went to Itam’s market to eat Laksa there, for the Laksa, it’s quite famous, I guess all people from penang island know it.



Having a stupid location beside the drain like this

image doesn’t stop people from continue eating from there.

image If you ask about the taste, sorry, I don’t eat Laksa, I just accompanied my family there ( for the sugar cane juice xD).


Okay lets back to the title, this was what they ate, and drank.




See anything? Yes, the teaspoon there.

22032009101Who’s that? Perhaps there’re some *ahem* who don’t know the famous uncle from KFC.

image So when people are using the teaspoon in the Laksa stall, they’re actually ‘advertised’ unwittingly. Perhaps this is another way of KFC to beat McDonald to be the first in fast food industry.


Maybe one day, you might found KFC’s napkins are used in public toilet as toilet paper too =D






Long long time ago.

Posted by Jz on Monday, March 23, 2009 | comments (3)

Long long time ago, there was a great castle on an unknown mountain. People said that the ruler of this castle will be the king of the world. So, many influential forces were trying their best to conquer this castle


One day, the White Force was attacking the castle which was owned by the Red Force.

23032009104 The fighting was pretty heavy and fierce, many people were killed during that war.

23032009105 But, both forces were too concentrating on the war, no one realised that something serious was happening behind it. It moved silently, hiding itself behind everyone’s eyes, and it destroyed the castle!23032009103 yes!! The TERMITE!!






Kill the termites, before it’s too late.


For more information, contact:

Jack at 016-XXXXXXXX





This is what we called Advertisement.

Penang’s people are blinds

Posted by Jz on Sunday, March 22, 2009 | comments (5)


Penang Island, which is also known as Prince of Wales Island is famous of its tourism spots, hawkers’ foods and also rubbish, yes, RUBBISH, so it is also called as Rubbish Island. Recently I found out why Penang is full of rubbish, because, Penang’s people are blinds!


It’s reasonable (I guess) to ignore rubbish in the drains, or hawker foods stall, like this:



Because it’s too dirty and too much to pick up right? But the how about the AIRPORT, where the first place of tourists or visitors to step into Penang.









20032009093 Ops sorry wrong example. And all the people are BLIND, they just couldn’t see those rubbish at all, including the police officials

20032009088 20032009089




















So, two conclusion are made:



Penang’s people are blinds.



Not all the people are holding the Values and Moralities like Jack.

20032009091 LOL!!


The Model of Citizen.. lolx!


Posted by Jz on Saturday, March 21, 2009 | comments (3)

After my dinner yesterday, I fetched my dad to airport to see his friend. He called me to stop at the road side , here


so that he could see if the aeroplane arrives from here

20032009084 I was so tired of those stupid yet lousy tests and assignments, so I decided to have a short nap in the car. When I was about sleep, some people were pressing their horn like mad, so I sat up, and saw some stupid cars were stuck in the car park on another lane.



NIAMAH, I was just about to sleep! After that, I tried to sleep again. Again, when I was about to sleep, someone knocked my window. I was so pissed, I sat up and saw a police official outside.


‘Eh encik, sini tak boleh parking eh’

(Mr, you can’t park your car here)


‘Tunggu orang kejap saje’

(wait for people awhile only)


‘Tak boleh, kalau mau parking pi car park kat sana’

(Can’t, go to the car park if you want to park)


Do I look like a dumb? Car park there? Where all the people were stuck? and NIAMAH!! I was just about to sleep…again!


Niamah~! xDD

A Rainy day

Posted by Jz on Friday, March 20, 2009 | comments (7)

What people usually do in a rainy day? There must be a lot of answers, but I bet none of it will be like mine.


I have a rainy afternoon today, and I decided to go to a place after class.

20032009071But it was a really heavy rain.



I could see minor floods around.

20032009074After a really long ride of car because of the distance and the stupid traffic jam, I turned right at this junction,

20032009075 and turn left again here,

20032009076 does this seem familiar to you?

Yes, this is the Youth Park of Penang Island

20032009077 20032009078 Maybe you guys guess that I’m MAD, I just went to a place where people usually jogging, swimming, exercising, or playing outdoor during a rainy afternoon.


And you know what I did after I reached there?

I rounded a round and went back….

Am i MAD?

No, I’m not =D


I should try Botanical Garden next time

How to park your car

Posted by Jz on Thursday, March 19, 2009 | comments (4)

People will be tested on parking in order to get the license, but having a license doesn’t mean that one could park his or her car well. Like this one


So, how to improve your parking skill? That’s more easy than what we thought, all you need to do is:


Study in INTI International College Penang


Yes, you must trust me, I study here for 4 months and now I can do my side parking well. IICP isn’t only famous with its insufficient park lots, but also the brainless car-parkers. There are a lot of announcement like this everyday:


Attention please, the car owner of the car XXX XXXX, please move your car immediately


We can’t blame them, they have to park like this in order to ‘survive’, if you have an afternoon class like 12pm - 1pm++, you probably will have to round and round and round the IICP compound until end up by giving up and park your car outside.


But this car was already too much.19032009068 

I didn’t scrawl this f*cking car because of the CCTVs. You know how was this car parked?

19032009069 Maybe you couldn’t get it because you are not the student from IICP, but I’m sure that this one will do.


19032009070 Cool heh? Ended up by being announced within one hour. Fool




I’m an idiot


Posted by Jz on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | comments (0)

Cloning is the process of creating identical things which was considered as a ‘bullshit’ in the pass. In the field of technology nowadays, scientists succeeded to clone genetically-identical bacteria, plants or even animals through…. I don’t know. So, it’s possible for human cloning too!


However, human cloning is still illegal because it has not been proven to be safe and go against human rights, religions and so on. So, it only can be found in the story, like Matrix



If we don’t think about the legality of human cloning, which country do you think will be the first to implement the human cloning? Most of the people will think of some advanced countries like America, England or whatever, when I was thinking of this question, first came to my mind was: CHINA


Why?do you all remember China has the world top cloning technology? No matter how advanced an item is, China still able to clone them in a short time and put them into market with a very REASONABLE and SUPER EFFORDABLE price, that’s what Chinese says: Economical yet big piece (Kheng zhei gok dua dei)


NOKIA, the world famous mobile phone company, has some product like this





The China, comes up with a brand NOKLA

image NOKLA N95


Still not enough?

Another famous company, Apple, came up with new hand set, which combines all the functions of I-Pod, hand phone, and internet device!




Within days, the China’s representative came up with;~~~~





Cool eh~




I want a T-PHONE!