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Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 14, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:04 PM

This post is an exception, no funny or weird stuff will be found in this post. Sorry.

So, today is the valentine’s day, but I spent most of my time lying on my bed and online. Yea, I’m free, just broke up with her. Around the evening, my dad came to me and asked

‘No activities on the Valentine’s day?’

And I lied, I didn’t tell him we already broke up or else he will come up with tons of questions, why this, why that.

‘Yea, going out now, won’t come back for dinner.’

Then I just drove out alone. I didn’t call any friend, or meet them out in Gurney or Queensbay where they might be there usually, Valentine’s day, perhaps they are on a date with others.

First of all I went to the Batu Ferringhi beach, a lot of couples there, some of them even prepared for the BBQ in the night.



There was something special too.


A pair of couple celebrated the Valentine’s day by playing parachute but ended up almost hit the tree and the people around there when they were landing. Met my friend too, he brought his new girlfriend to the beach, damn it, she is the 3rd victim since 2008. I continued to sit for a while after they went to the other place, looking at the people, and cursed them LOLOL.

Went to Gurney and Queensbay after that, or maybe I should call that ‘pass by’, I just did the fastest window shopping in the world without going down from the car.

I guess it would be better for me to start a new life, so I decided not to think so much again, just let it be.

Well, I’m not alone, I got someone new in my life =D

Our first met was in the December last year, she accompany me everyday after my ex-girlfriend left. I wish that I could know her more since we have a lot of differences, the main reason is she is a Taiwanese, and we had a hard time to communicate at the first time, but it’s getting better now.

But her name really suck, Acer.

Full name Acer Aspire 4935G

And this is the picture of her with me =D




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  1. ❤PurPle✿LinG❤ says:

    i kena tipu...

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    Stop making me laugh xDD

  1. sabrina says:

    yo...bomb me ar..
    i think really got eh..>.<

  1. ❤PurPle✿LinG❤ says:

    u la...

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    really got, the Acer LOLS

  1. SABRINA says:

    lol....then mine 1 is DELL

  1. 不是人 says:


  1. メ J'z メ says:

    Yea I fall in love to my computer xD

  1. SABRINA says:

    lol...then everyday go dating la.
    >.< OMG......

  1. ning says:

    i think he everyday oso gt dating wif his ACER lo..=.=

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    Any problem with that? xD

  1. ning says:

    no no,don't have any problem..

  1. xin mei says:

    nice song !.xD like this song

  1. dramaonmylips says:

    purposely went to the beach and peek on other couples dating?lol...