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The Tradition

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:10 PM

Changes happen everyday, some of them are tiny, happen without our notice. But some of them are huge, really HUGE, for example:


Well, she is Hee Yit Foong, I don’t really know if she is dead now but her ‘you jump, I jump’ changed Perak a lot. Read newspaper for further information. Beside, Malaysia is going to have a new Prime Minister =D


err, the one in blue



er, the left one.

and they changed the HISTORY

enemy-dollah-najib-copy chiang chiang chiang~

Erm sorry, lets back to the title, but some tradition will never be changed no matter what happen in Perak or who is the Prime Minister.


Yea you’re right, SLEEPING! No matter how noisy, how dirty the environment is, as long as they are in the class, they could sleep sweetly =D. Lets look at this


Yea, as what I said xD

One of the Chung Ling High School discipline teacher told us:

‘ I don’t understand why you all enjoy sleeping in class so much, sleeping in your bed is more comfortable isn’t it? Many ex-student told me that they regret for that after their parents paid thousands sent them to the college, and they really work hard in the college. Appreciate what you got now although it’s free.’'

okay I’m here to prove that you are wrong, totally wrong.


This afternoon, college, and the lecturer was teaching. I hope you all already saw something in the picture. Well, if you didn’t, I’ll give you a hint. Lets take a look again.


Ah okay is it clear now? It’s not grasses =D

If you still couldn’t understand, hang yourself please.


Yes, this guy was sleeping in the college damn it!

Hurray for the sleeping tradition! Woo~!


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  1. sabrina says:

    haha...pity him lo..
    yor....when u take tis?

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    I took this and being noticed by the lecturer lol

  1. sabrina says:

    ahaha....u sot 1..
    like that oso cap~

  1. dramaonmylips says:

    sleep is good!!