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Swimming Pool

Monday, February 9, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:33 PM

Spent whole day dreaming in the house, and my brother invited me to swimming pool with him. I could hardly recall my last exercise, it was in secondary school last year if not mistaken. And yet I ate so much during the Chinese New Year, of course, the Bak Kua, which is the traditional food and one of the ‘'unmissable’ food during the Chinese New Year.

85c4b12dacb7192489269b233ce8c0fb The Bak Kua xDDD

But according to the data, Bak Kua is TOP unhealthy food during the Chinese New Year, not to mention about the preservatives and low nutrition in it, 1 small piece of 7x11cm Bak Kua is equal to 230 calories. One people need 1500-2000 calories per day, which mean if you eat 7/8 pieces of Bak Kua, you have already obtain the calories you need that day without eating any other food. God, I only knew this after the Chinese New Year, and i ate like TONS of it (美珍香xDD).

OKOK lets back to the title, I didn’t measure my weight but I think it’s time for me to exercise so I went with him. Regret, is the word to describe my feeling once we went into the swimming pool. Oh my f*cking God, I wondered where should I swim, at the corner?


Those in red circle was swimming vertically.

Those in purple circle was swimming horizontally

Those in yellow circle was fooling around in the pool.

And they seem enjoyed in this ‘cheerful’ condition. When I was swimming at the corner, I saw this.


She was sitting there and watching her son and grandchildren who were fooling around in the pool (those four in yellow circle at the right). She wasted her or his son or perhaps her grandchildren money to sit there when she can just sit up there (the red arrow) for free.

By the way, I’m tired, really tired of this world.

God, anything good happen please.


I’m pathetic

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  1. dramaonmylips says:

    i dont und..where's the red arrow pointing to?