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Wednesday, February 25, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:45 PM

INTI college’s canteen is named as Cafeteria, seem high class but it' isn’t! Seriously, foods there are terrible and expensive, I will feel full by just looking at the foods in the ‘cafeteria’ even when I’m hungry.


I was about to late today, so I didn’t buy myself a Nasi Lemak as usual. Well, foods in ‘cafeteria’ made me full again by just looking at them, I decided to give a try on a ‘bread-kind’ food which I expected would disappoint me. But wow, it didn’t! It’s nice =D




‘Never try never know,

                             Once you try never say No.’


It’s true, I’ll never say No to it when I want to eat in canteen, since it’s the only eatable food in that damn ‘cafeteria’.


Went to play ping pong after lunch, I found that I’m totally not talented in it after I watched how others play. So I went to library to read some magazines ( to enjoy the air con~)


Magazines nowadays are all about the Barack Obama and his 800 Billions Dollar, hmm, 800 billions, let’s see what will he do with that. By the way, I found one picture in those magazines, which I found interesting.




It’s about some people go to either north pole or south pole (forgive my stupidity, not really remember where penguins from xD) by ice breaker and take pictures of a penguin. The caption is:


One of these two species is stupid.


You should know which, if you don’t, drunk yourself please.



800 billions pleaseeeee~

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  1. ning says:

    800 billions againnnn...=.='''