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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 6:39 PM

Well I’m going to talk about pool again, no worries, it’s not about the pool yesterday but the swimming pool. I went to the swimming pool, again, with my friends after class yesterday. I think Permata Sport Complex should pay me for advertise their sport complex twice.


Before I go into the topic, as usual,

for those who don’t know what’s swimming pool


Remember the last time I went there?


so because of it, I rented the whole swimming pool.




So, the whole swimming pool was ours, and we even got a ‘personal’ safety guard LOL


And this time, I should circle ourself with different colours like what I did before.


Those in red circle was swimming vertically.

Those in purple circle was swimming horizontally

Those in yellow circle was fooling around in the pool.


We spent half an hour for swimming, and another one and half hour for trashtalking and fooling around, since i rented the whole swimming pool, remember??

What I meant by ‘fooling around’?


Me, the Jumper, and

16022009020 Alex, the Silver Surfer…..LOLOL


At the end, we took a picture before we went back.

DSC00395 What’s on my hand? My pants of course xDD


By the way, for those who’re concerned about the price of the renting.

It was RM10.50, which is RM3.50 per person in weekdays.=D



My pants my pants xD

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  1. ning says:

    y u taking your pants take picture ei??=.=

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    because I didn't wear it? lol

  1. ning says:

    didn't wear???then should not take it ma..