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Monday, February 16, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:28 PM

For those who don’t know what’s pool


My last play before entering INTI was in Genting last year.



Well, you can play pool in INTI college too which will cost you RM3 as long as you got a student card. I’m not sure how much INTI earns with that pool table, but I saw around 10 games per day in the record book. So I deducted Sundays, holidays and bla bla


RM3 x 10 per day = RM30

RM30 x 25 days = RM750

RM750 x 10 months = RM7500


Check the price of pool table here:


And you will know how ‘innovative’ and ‘intelligent’ INTI is.


The break time of INTI college is about 1 hour or 2 hours depends on the time table, it’s a long time for me since there was just 20-30min break time in the secondary school and I’m not those freako who spend their precious break time for revisions in the library, I think the pool table will be more suitable for me xD


And today, as usual, I played pool with my friend. Look at my sexy move xD

DSC00577 I wasn’t act cool okay? I couldn’t hit the ball with normal pose due to the angle, and that was a goal

We played until 1 ball left and he should be the winner of the match today, but the luck came to me when he made a serious mistake which was unforgiveable at the last moment, sooooo… the black ball…..




And he was so upset LOLOL

DSC00575 Sorry dude xD

By the way, I'm not showing off here, I’m still a noob in pool >.<



Sooooooory xD

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  1. ning says:

    your sexy move...???

  1. ning says:

    still laugh..

  1. sabrina says:

    yo..u so bad ..always got yew ting..
    he know anot?

  1. __jiun. says:

    agree, SEXY

  1. 没有人 says: