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Pink Panther…

Thursday, February 19, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:25 PM

Management class today was postponed, sigh he is the fourth lecturer who postponed the class already, how much we paid them for 1 hour zz? So I just spent the shortest time in INTI, 1 and half hour. My friends and I decided not to go back so early, so we went to Gurney Plaza for some entertainments.


Red Box was the first choice, but the only available time was 4.30-7.30, so we went to the cinema for the Pink Panther 2.


It’s a story about a stupid detective who try to find the Pink Panther Diamond, the symbolic treasure of France.


Well, this movie is funny, but the most funny thing was what one of my friends asked me.


‘Why until now also haven’t appear one?'

‘Har? What’s it?’

‘The Pink Panther………….’

For those who don’t know who, or maybe what is Pink Pather


So he was expecting the Pink Panther will appear in the movie, too bad….sighness


Okay, something that’s not related to the topic. We went to play pool, again, since there was some time left, and the Alex


19022009022 Check this


See, on his back, his beloved, he put it on his back even he was playing pool, this call Responsibility and the power of love.

So I’m not the only one!!



I hate pink btw xD

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  1. ning says:

    yuan lai dat Pink Panther nt in the movie de hor??
    i oso duno..

  1. __jiun. says:

    dn claim tht u're bored anymore.