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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 10:58 PM

Ok, what we mean by ‘NO’, it’s a word which functions as a negative determiner. Commonly it’s use as the meaning of' ‘ can not’, ‘do not’ , or when you reject something. There is a logo for NO too..


Ok I know it’s lame lol, so lets look at this


It’s a rule, I guess, about what our clothes, I don’t know who wrote this but it’s really too erm, unofficial?


‘Clothes maketh a man,……

                   ………….and a lady of course’

? Forgive my English, what’s mean by maketh? Whatever it’s, lets just skip it.


‘Your clothes speak even before you speak’

‘So let’s be proud of our Dressing and of our college’


Ah I know this I know this! This mean that we should be proud of our clothes because, erm, it could speak before you speak?


‘These are definite NO NO’S’


What’s the ‘NO NO’s????

Definitely it’s just about what we shouldn’t or should wear in INTI, why I said so? Lets look at the sentence again.


‘These are definite NO NO’S


OK lets analysis it, I think this sentence mean this


‘These are definite NO NO’S wear’


Any objection? If no, lets continue it.

Remember what’s ‘NO’? It’s a negative determiner right?

so let replace ‘no’ with ‘can’t’, ‘don’t’ and ‘not’ into it.


1st possibility – These are definite can’t don’t wear.

2nd possibility – These are definite not can’t wear.


negative x negative = positive



What? I’m a retard?

Look at the proofs damn it.



Erm, ok, this is mine. Stop looking at my legs, what am i showing you now is the slippers.


and da…



 DSC00404 daaaaa



DSC00401 NO, NOOOO’ssss


so, this stand for should, or shouldn’t?




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