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My Chicken’s Necks

Saturday, February 28, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 4:03 PM

My god, my chicken’s necks case is being spread and discussed.

They even posted it in Facebook, and came up with commands like this:

  • Doreen Heng at 10:19am February 26
  • hey Jack !ur food is sososososososososososososososso geli..i saw liao pun mau muntah!!!
  • Lee Ann at 11:16am February 26
  • no not only geli..he sucking the pulling the meat out from the chicken's neck...eeeee...
  • Sabrina Hoay at 1:59pm February 26
  • wakao...Lee Ann u really disgusting la...he is enjoying...hoho~
  • Doreen Heng at 2:01pm February 26
  • ei u all see those chicken's neck tat he had finish... i wan muntah liao...look like shit lo...
  • Sabrina Hoay at 2:02pm February 26
  • yeah..but he is enjoying sucking u know...ahaha....
  • Doreen Heng at 2:08pm February 26
  • =.= geli nia this guy
    eating those food lagi face to my camera
    cant tahan him lol...
  • Caryn Teoh at 2:59pm February 26
  • OMG!!that's disgusting!!ew!!!
  • Doreen Heng at 6:09pm February 26
  • wan muntah right? i'am going toilet now ....wan folo me?
  • Chiew Jin Tan at 8:04pm February 26
  • wah...after saw tis photo,i feel geli 2 eat chicken's neck liao...yeeeee.....
  • Doreen Heng at 8:05pm February 26
  • hahahaha
  • Sabrina Hoay at 10:50am February 27
  • ahaha...u all siao 1...u all din eat b4 isit??go try la...u see him so enjoy..hoho!~
  • Doreen Heng at 2:57pm February 27
  • i din siao la..i really din eat be4..juz look it sudah felt geli liao how can i masuk to my stomach???
  • Sabrina Hoay at 4:21pm February 27
  • lol...u try la..but i try is duck neck...ahhaa...vey nice
  • Doreen Heng at 4:29pm February 27
  • lolx...tolong lo ...i don wan ...later i wil muntah
  • Sabrina Hoay at 4:42pm February 27
  • lol....stupiak
  • Doreen Heng at 7:05pm February 27
  • i'm not stupiak!!!!!!
    y this photo so many coments???
    jack so famous v the chicken's neck
  • Jack Lim at 9:13pm February 27
  • Sabrina Hoay at 9:14pm February 27
  • us..we advertise u me!pay me!
  • Doreen Heng at 10:12pm February 27
  • ya loh u must pay us each rm100 hahaha
  • Cheah Kzee at 10:34pm February 27
  • act hw mani chicken neck he ate ?
    bout 7 lo....
  • Doreen Heng at 10:51pm February 27
  • no lo i think he ate all the chickens' necks that we had brought..


Okay, I need to explain, that day we went to Tesco to buy some raw materials for cook. They wanted to buy 2 packs of chickens, I suggested that why don’t we buy 1 pack of chicken’s necks instead of 2? Since they won’t able to finish 2 packs of chicken. But I don’t know, I swear! I don’t know they all don’t eat chicken’s necks.


Ok dang it, since all of them refused to EAT, or even TRY the chicken’s necks, as a human being with responsibility, I ate all of it. Damn, all of them should thanks me, they didn’t even finish that 1 pack of chickens.


DSC01984 DSC01986


As you all can see, they even described it as SHITS. That didn’t stop me from continue eating the chicken’s necks, but, do you all really know what’s shits?


This is the most ‘in-disgusting’ shit I could find. If you want a more disgusting one, click here.

So, for god’s sakes, stop it! sighnesssss




By the way, it’s delicious! xDD

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  1. ning says:


  1. ning says:

    my God...

  1. sabrina says:

    eh...i din say anything k..
    i juz say u enjoying~
    sorry luu~

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    LOL why sorry, I'm okay with that xDD

  1. sabrina says:

    how i know..
    later u KIRA ma~

  1. sabrina says:

    u very need money now isit??
    so poor ar???? jialat 1 u ~

  1. sabrina says:

    i donate to u on tml kie?!!
    so pity..>.<