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Italian Gelato

Sunday, February 22, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 9:39 PM

After ate in a restaurant, my family and I went to Italian Gelato to give a try on their ice cream since we will pass by Itam.




The price is reasonable

Set of 1 scoop – RM3.50

Set of 2 scoops – RM7.00

Set of 3 scoops – RM10.00 Free topping


Since there was 4 of us, so I asked:


‘Can I order 4 scoops? And put them in a bowl or plate’


‘Why don’t you separate them into 4?’


‘Nope, since I’ll get free topping with set of 3 scoops, so I just want to add on one scoop on it.’


‘But the price of topping is RM1.’


‘Yea, so you just charge an extra RM3.50 for ice cream and RM1 for topping on me’


‘So I’ll charge extra fee on you, is it okay?’


‘Sure, thanks’


Everything was going well, no comment on the ice cream, I couldn’t expect cheap ice cream like this will beat Baskin Robbins or Haagen Daz right? Until we asked for bill, she charged us RM18, for RM3.50+RM1.00 each scoop. So I went to argue with her, and that b*tch claimed that she already told me that she will charge me.

So, pay more for the quality products or services which will receive ‘thank you, please come again.’ is more worth than paying those b*tches like this!



RM3.50? Buy yourself a new tooth brush damn it!

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  1. ning says:

    y u keep scolding ppl??
    bad bad...

  1. メ J'z メ says:

    she ate the money which earned by my parents okay? pif

  1. ning says:

    i oso want eat ice cream...