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Saturday, February 21, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 11:08 PM

I guess I’ll start by this picture first.



Yea, this picture was captured by my friend when I was…..ahem…This picture looks normal but reminded me of some things. Yea it’s normal damn it, I was just pissing, and it was the right place to piss right? The only freako is the one who captured this xD.


Well, this reminded me of my secondary school, Chung Ling, which is (I guess) the best secondary boy’s school in Penang Island. Why I say so? Stop looking at me and look at the toilet in INTI.


And compare it to the Chung Ling’s one


This picture was taken by me last year. Trust me, seriously, the real look of toilet in Chung Ling is more disgusting then this. Well if you say:


‘We paid a lot for INTI, and we didn’t pay for our secondary school, so that’s the different.’


No, you are wrong, I don’t know about other school, but Chung Ling? Let’s guess how much donations they got in one year.


1st- at least RM20 twice compulsory for each student for some shitty reasons

Each form has 500+ students, just let it be 500, and ignore the Form 6. So that will be 5x500=2500 students

2500 x RM40 = RM100,000

2nd- at least RM100,000 total for those who graduated for 25years

How many years already? At least RM100,000 per year? Seriously I don’t think it will be least than RM150,000 per year

And the others? I don’t want to know where they spent these money, but the thin-skinned Chung Ling always spent those money for facilities which can be seen by outsiders. They built a telescope, for? LOLS and this


The VIP toilet. Don't be scammed by the look outside, I saw inside once, on the day that I graduated, it’s even better than the INTI one, looks like a tiny size of 5 stars hotel’s toilet. They even got plants inside, zz, totally disappointed.




Eat those money damnit

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  1. ning says:

    eyes pain la...
    your word ei colour...

  1. Anonymous says:

    swtt..........freako ur head la~damn...=.=..piss is right~place is right~but the face doesnt seems right at the previous look,b4 tis pic taken~zzz~~

  1. dramaonmylips says:

    mention bout pee-ing....hahaha...reminds me of something!!