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Cameron Highland

Sunday, February 8, 2009 , Posted by Jz at 1:16 PM

Went to Cameron Highland during the holidays of Chinese New Year.
Nothing special there beside the roads, it is like only 1 road from the start to the end. And I guess there is no plants and vegetables in other places, those tourists, parking beside the road, looking for parking, reverse and reverse, and cause massive traffic jam.

And the Uncle Wong (My father's friend in Sarawak), told us that our hotel will be at the right handside once we reach cameron. Erm okay, but we took 4 hrs, jamed from the start, to the end and the freaking hotel is at the end of the Cameron

ok here is the reason, We came from Penang, and that Uncle Wong came from KL, which was totally different!
1st day spoiled, well, never expect anything good there.

On the 2nd day, We went to Sam Poh Temple (三保寺 in Chinese), No comment on the food there but...
my dear mother was like never went to temple before, used the camera to capture every single scence and status. Ahs, thats fine, but the terrible stuff was she pulled me and others into these.

As a good son, ofcourse I'll entertain her, but I'll entertain myself too =D
so here comes the results

Yea, I'm cool xD
and this 1
=D This 1 is cool too

life is still pathetic

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  1. sabrina says:

    ahaha...that two is ur little brother??

  1. dramaonmylips says:

    retarded u r abnormal. cant u pose 'normally' and just snap a pic of urself seriously.