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My Chicken’s Necks

Posted by Jz on Saturday, February 28, 2009 | comments (9)

My god, my chicken’s necks case is being spread and discussed.

They even posted it in Facebook, and came up with commands like this:

  • Doreen Heng at 10:19am February 26
  • hey Jack !ur food is sososososososososososososososso geli..i saw liao pun mau muntah!!!
  • Lee Ann at 11:16am February 26
  • no not only geli..he sucking the pulling the meat out from the chicken's neck...eeeee...
  • Sabrina Hoay at 1:59pm February 26
  • wakao...Lee Ann u really disgusting la...he is enjoying...hoho~
  • Doreen Heng at 2:01pm February 26
  • ei u all see those chicken's neck tat he had finish... i wan muntah liao...look like shit lo...
  • Sabrina Hoay at 2:02pm February 26
  • yeah..but he is enjoying sucking u know...ahaha....
  • Doreen Heng at 2:08pm February 26
  • =.= geli nia this guy
    eating those food lagi face to my camera
    cant tahan him lol...
  • Caryn Teoh at 2:59pm February 26
  • OMG!!that's disgusting!!ew!!!
  • Doreen Heng at 6:09pm February 26
  • wan muntah right? i'am going toilet now ....wan folo me?
  • Chiew Jin Tan at 8:04pm February 26
  • wah...after saw tis photo,i feel geli 2 eat chicken's neck liao...yeeeee.....
  • Doreen Heng at 8:05pm February 26
  • hahahaha
  • Sabrina Hoay at 10:50am February 27
  • ahaha...u all siao 1...u all din eat b4 isit??go try la...u see him so enjoy..hoho!~
  • Doreen Heng at 2:57pm February 27
  • i din siao la..i really din eat be4..juz look it sudah felt geli liao how can i masuk to my stomach???
  • Sabrina Hoay at 4:21pm February 27
  • lol...u try la..but i try is duck neck...ahhaa...vey nice
  • Doreen Heng at 4:29pm February 27
  • lolx...tolong lo ...i don wan ...later i wil muntah
  • Sabrina Hoay at 4:42pm February 27
  • lol....stupiak
  • Doreen Heng at 7:05pm February 27
  • i'm not stupiak!!!!!!
    y this photo so many coments???
    jack so famous v the chicken's neck
  • Jack Lim at 9:13pm February 27
  • Sabrina Hoay at 9:14pm February 27
  • us..we advertise u me!pay me!
  • Doreen Heng at 10:12pm February 27
  • ya loh u must pay us each rm100 hahaha
  • Cheah Kzee at 10:34pm February 27
  • act hw mani chicken neck he ate ?
    bout 7 lo....
  • Doreen Heng at 10:51pm February 27
  • no lo i think he ate all the chickens' necks that we had brought..


Okay, I need to explain, that day we went to Tesco to buy some raw materials for cook. They wanted to buy 2 packs of chickens, I suggested that why don’t we buy 1 pack of chicken’s necks instead of 2? Since they won’t able to finish 2 packs of chicken. But I don’t know, I swear! I don’t know they all don’t eat chicken’s necks.


Ok dang it, since all of them refused to EAT, or even TRY the chicken’s necks, as a human being with responsibility, I ate all of it. Damn, all of them should thanks me, they didn’t even finish that 1 pack of chickens.


DSC01984 DSC01986


As you all can see, they even described it as SHITS. That didn’t stop me from continue eating the chicken’s necks, but, do you all really know what’s shits?


This is the most ‘in-disgusting’ shit I could find. If you want a more disgusting one, click here.

So, for god’s sakes, stop it! sighnesssss




By the way, it’s delicious! xDD

The Punisher

Posted by Jz on Friday, February 27, 2009 | comments (3)

Another class postponed, so, another movie in Queensbay Mall sighness. For the 1st time, I watched a 18 rated movie with so many people. Normally I would only go with some tall guys, but now, we’re all 18 in 2009!  YAY FOR THE 18 MOVIE!


Found a poster, a pink panther’s poster. Woot~

DSC00417 I know it’s lame LOL.

By the way, I forgot to mention about the movie. The Punisher: War Zone



But seriously, I was so pissed when I was watching, not because of the movie, but the government.


Bad words- Cut

Broken head- Cut

Slashing on neck- Cut

Dead bodies- Cut


Yea I know Malaysia is a Islamic Country, so it’s reasonable to cut off all the 18sx stuff, but why violence? If they want to cut, why it’s 18 rated? Does this mean that citizens in Malaysia aren’t mature enough to watch these? This will just ‘encourage’ movie lovers to support pirated DVDs indirectly.


Damn, I enjoy those scenes! Stop Cutting!




Pirated DVD? or GSC?

The Ping Pong~

Posted by Jz on Thursday, February 26, 2009 | comments (3)

Ping Pong or what we called Table Tennis isn’t very famous in M’sia I guess. That can be seen in Olympic 2008, all my friends know about the Dream Team, a totally unbeatable team which makes the whole Basketball Tournament boring, but how many of us know Ma Lin?


yea, he is the table tennis champion in Olympic 2008


Well, my college has 2 ping pong tables for students in 5th floor. Unlike pool, we can use it for freeeeeee, but you probably need to line up for life for it during the break time.

In Jan 2009, one guy came to this college, he’s too modest to show or tell what he could do on the ping pong table. Until this few days…….

DSC00398 Yes, that’s him, the guy with specs………………

Not me damn it, the guy in front LOL


He had a match with his seniors today, and I captured this memorable video.

OK, I guess I should stop here. LOL



feed me please xD

Random pictures

Posted by Jz on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 | comments (1)

INTI college’s canteen is named as Cafeteria, seem high class but it' isn’t! Seriously, foods there are terrible and expensive, I will feel full by just looking at the foods in the ‘cafeteria’ even when I’m hungry.


I was about to late today, so I didn’t buy myself a Nasi Lemak as usual. Well, foods in ‘cafeteria’ made me full again by just looking at them, I decided to give a try on a ‘bread-kind’ food which I expected would disappoint me. But wow, it didn’t! It’s nice =D




‘Never try never know,

                             Once you try never say No.’


It’s true, I’ll never say No to it when I want to eat in canteen, since it’s the only eatable food in that damn ‘cafeteria’.


Went to play ping pong after lunch, I found that I’m totally not talented in it after I watched how others play. So I went to library to read some magazines ( to enjoy the air con~)


Magazines nowadays are all about the Barack Obama and his 800 Billions Dollar, hmm, 800 billions, let’s see what will he do with that. By the way, I found one picture in those magazines, which I found interesting.




It’s about some people go to either north pole or south pole (forgive my stupidity, not really remember where penguins from xD) by ice breaker and take pictures of a penguin. The caption is:


One of these two species is stupid.


You should know which, if you don’t, drunk yourself please.



800 billions pleaseeeee~


Posted by Jz on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 | comments (3)

It’s good to have a good lecturer, luckily, I got one =D I’m not joking, he’s really good.


He gives funny examples, in order to let us memorize easily, instead of just teaching in a boring way.


He makes us to understand well, instead of just pointing at the slides and talk.


When we’re noisy, he will ask ‘anything happens there?’ with a smile, instead of scold us by ‘You all got such a low mark, and still able to talk there?’ in front of everybody.


Well, some pictures of him =D

DSC00414 DSC00412



If you want to know the name of him, sorry. Like the Superman, Batman, Spiderman or any others, they always hide their name, they don’t like to show off. Why I say so?







My underwear not found xD

The punishment…again?

Posted by Jz on Monday, February 23, 2009 | comments (3)


Well, today, my team got punished again. Reason? Because we failed to line up from the highest to the lowest.


God~ I was not my fault! I’m the tallest and I was already in my place!

So, we got punished again, same class, same lecturer, and it’s still me, the dancer, and I got a new partner =D


The friend from Yamen had been chosen to be the singer, Arabic song was what he sang, he was rapping so fast~



The video isn’t clear, I didn’t insult him, what I said was:


‘Why the song so long one? like never reach the ending eh,

jump to the ending! ‘


Well, as you can see, there was a lot of improvements on my skills.



Dear friends who stood behind:


This is the second time already, I even volunteer to stand at the center this time. Look, all people was concentrating and intoxicated on my dancing (LOL), but they forgot that Alex, Michael and I weren’t the only people who got punished, just looking at us who were entertaining them.


What were you all doing behind? Watching some show? There are some fundamental humanities and moralities of life which should be known by every human. So, I guess you know what to do.


I don’t receive cash, contact me for my bank account number. Thanks.



Pay me pay me! xD

Italian Gelato

Posted by Jz on Sunday, February 22, 2009 | comments (3)

After ate in a restaurant, my family and I went to Italian Gelato to give a try on their ice cream since we will pass by Itam.




The price is reasonable

Set of 1 scoop – RM3.50

Set of 2 scoops – RM7.00

Set of 3 scoops – RM10.00 Free topping


Since there was 4 of us, so I asked:


‘Can I order 4 scoops? And put them in a bowl or plate’


‘Why don’t you separate them into 4?’


‘Nope, since I’ll get free topping with set of 3 scoops, so I just want to add on one scoop on it.’


‘But the price of topping is RM1.’


‘Yea, so you just charge an extra RM3.50 for ice cream and RM1 for topping on me’


‘So I’ll charge extra fee on you, is it okay?’


‘Sure, thanks’


Everything was going well, no comment on the ice cream, I couldn’t expect cheap ice cream like this will beat Baskin Robbins or Haagen Daz right? Until we asked for bill, she charged us RM18, for RM3.50+RM1.00 each scoop. So I went to argue with her, and that b*tch claimed that she already told me that she will charge me.

So, pay more for the quality products or services which will receive ‘thank you, please come again.’ is more worth than paying those b*tches like this!



RM3.50? Buy yourself a new tooth brush damn it!

From a random picture

Posted by Jz on Saturday, February 21, 2009 | comments (5)

I guess I’ll start by this picture first.



Yea, this picture was captured by my friend when I was…..ahem…This picture looks normal but reminded me of some things. Yea it’s normal damn it, I was just pissing, and it was the right place to piss right? The only freako is the one who captured this xD.


Well, this reminded me of my secondary school, Chung Ling, which is (I guess) the best secondary boy’s school in Penang Island. Why I say so? Stop looking at me and look at the toilet in INTI.


And compare it to the Chung Ling’s one


This picture was taken by me last year. Trust me, seriously, the real look of toilet in Chung Ling is more disgusting then this. Well if you say:


‘We paid a lot for INTI, and we didn’t pay for our secondary school, so that’s the different.’


No, you are wrong, I don’t know about other school, but Chung Ling? Let’s guess how much donations they got in one year.


1st- at least RM20 twice compulsory for each student for some shitty reasons

Each form has 500+ students, just let it be 500, and ignore the Form 6. So that will be 5x500=2500 students

2500 x RM40 = RM100,000

2nd- at least RM100,000 total for those who graduated for 25years

How many years already? At least RM100,000 per year? Seriously I don’t think it will be least than RM150,000 per year

And the others? I don’t want to know where they spent these money, but the thin-skinned Chung Ling always spent those money for facilities which can be seen by outsiders. They built a telescope, for? LOLS and this


The VIP toilet. Don't be scammed by the look outside, I saw inside once, on the day that I graduated, it’s even better than the INTI one, looks like a tiny size of 5 stars hotel’s toilet. They even got plants inside, zz, totally disappointed.




Eat those money damnit

The Punishment

Posted by Jz on Friday, February 20, 2009 | comments (5)

Played a game in English class today, not really know what that game is, or why were we playing that game. But the point is, we were divided into 4 groups to complete a task, and the last group will be punished.


Well, I’m in group 3, and we were punished, but we aren’t the last group! The reason that lecturer gave was :

We cheated TOO MUCH compare to the others


Ok fine, so we were punished with the last group, the punishment was to sing a song, and dance, so here it is.



laugh as what you like, I know I’m cool xDD

hmm, i think my skills are still acceptable… LOL

by the way, I wasn’t in my shoes…….





Pink Panther…

Posted by Jz on Thursday, February 19, 2009 | comments (2)

Management class today was postponed, sigh he is the fourth lecturer who postponed the class already, how much we paid them for 1 hour zz? So I just spent the shortest time in INTI, 1 and half hour. My friends and I decided not to go back so early, so we went to Gurney Plaza for some entertainments.


Red Box was the first choice, but the only available time was 4.30-7.30, so we went to the cinema for the Pink Panther 2.


It’s a story about a stupid detective who try to find the Pink Panther Diamond, the symbolic treasure of France.


Well, this movie is funny, but the most funny thing was what one of my friends asked me.


‘Why until now also haven’t appear one?'

‘Har? What’s it?’

‘The Pink Panther………….’

For those who don’t know who, or maybe what is Pink Pather


So he was expecting the Pink Panther will appear in the movie, too bad….sighness


Okay, something that’s not related to the topic. We went to play pool, again, since there was some time left, and the Alex


19022009022 Check this


See, on his back, his beloved, he put it on his back even he was playing pool, this call Responsibility and the power of love.

So I’m not the only one!!



I hate pink btw xD


Posted by Jz on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 | comments (6)

Ok, what we mean by ‘NO’, it’s a word which functions as a negative determiner. Commonly it’s use as the meaning of' ‘ can not’, ‘do not’ , or when you reject something. There is a logo for NO too..


Ok I know it’s lame lol, so lets look at this


It’s a rule, I guess, about what our clothes, I don’t know who wrote this but it’s really too erm, unofficial?


‘Clothes maketh a man,……

                   ………….and a lady of course’

? Forgive my English, what’s mean by maketh? Whatever it’s, lets just skip it.


‘Your clothes speak even before you speak’

‘So let’s be proud of our Dressing and of our college’


Ah I know this I know this! This mean that we should be proud of our clothes because, erm, it could speak before you speak?


‘These are definite NO NO’S’


What’s the ‘NO NO’s????

Definitely it’s just about what we shouldn’t or should wear in INTI, why I said so? Lets look at the sentence again.


‘These are definite NO NO’S


OK lets analysis it, I think this sentence mean this


‘These are definite NO NO’S wear’


Any objection? If no, lets continue it.

Remember what’s ‘NO’? It’s a negative determiner right?

so let replace ‘no’ with ‘can’t’, ‘don’t’ and ‘not’ into it.


1st possibility – These are definite can’t don’t wear.

2nd possibility – These are definite not can’t wear.


negative x negative = positive



What? I’m a retard?

Look at the proofs damn it.



Erm, ok, this is mine. Stop looking at my legs, what am i showing you now is the slippers.


and da…



 DSC00404 daaaaa



DSC00401 NO, NOOOO’ssss


so, this stand for should, or shouldn’t?